Who are we

About us

FoWSART is a charity which supports the importance of the Water Search and Rescue Team. The number of fundraising Volunteers continues to grow each day with such a great community to be part of. FoWSART believes in enjoying the time you spend fundraising and ensures that every minutes you spend with us is memorable.
The right support means everything to families living in flood risk areas. With your support, we can be there for more families when they need us. The Friends of Water Search and Rescue charity, which was founded in 2018, is a charity that supports the hard work and efforts of the Water Search and Rescue Team.

Our charity purpose is to:

"To prevent and protect life and relieve the suffering and distress amongst persons endangered by flooding or natural hazards or to assist in water based rescue incidents or other emergency response situations though the provision of grants to assist in the operational or tactical support of any such incident"


Water Search and Rescue Team plays a vital role in supporting the communities with in the United Kingdom when it comes to flooding and water rescue. Both WSART and the FoWSART do not receive any funding from public sector and relies on the kind donations of the community.



Our History 

FoWSART was founded in 2018 following the urgency for funding required for LNC Activities and Training Community Interest Company (WATER, SEARCH AND RESCUE). The charity, still in its early days is continuing to go strength to strength as we welcome enthusiastic and committed members to our fundraising team. We continue to look to fundraise in local communities and boost our name, making ourselves and our cause known within to all the United Kingdom.



The Team

The Water Search and Rescue Team is a voluntary search & rescue team consisting of over 200 volunteers, working on a call out system 24/7, 365 days a year. WSART was started in 2009, following a request through British Canoeing to support a Defra national appeal. 

Since then we have grown the team, both in number & in terms of training and equipping them. WSART is one of a very limited number of specialist teams; external to Police, Fire and Ambulance services, that has operational responsibility across the UK.




 Friends of Water Search and Rescue Team, is a charitable organisation is governed by Trustees.

Trustees role is to set the Charity’s strategic direction, monitor the delivery of the Charity’s objects, uphold its values and governance and guide, advise and support the Team towards achieving the Charity’s vision and purpose.

The Council of Trustees is led by the Chair, Robert Gillies. Our Trustees' Register of Interests is available upon request from the charity office.

Our Trustees

Robert Gillies
Thomas Marjoram
Jamie Fisher