Recyle Your Textiles

The Friends of Water Search and Rescue Team Charity runs a textile recycling scheme, in partnership with our textile recycling company across the UK.

Donate your old clothes

Donate your old clothes



Our recycling textile partner "D Robinson & Co Ltd" manage our recycling initiative across the UK.

We have a number of banks located accross the UK, where you can donate your unwanted clothes.


Find your nearest recycling bank

What you can donate in our: Textile Banks

  • Adult and children’s clothing
  • Socks
  • Coats
  • Underwear
  • Paired shoes
  • Handbags
  • Linen

Please NO bric-a-brac, plastic, toys or electrical items please.


Frequently Asked Questions

My local textile bank is full what should I do with my bag of clothes?

Please do not leave your clothes beside the bank or anywhere else on the ground. If the bank is full please call the phone number displayed on the textile bank to report the full bank, and then please try again over the next couple of days.

Where is my closest recycling bank?

Please click on the button below:
Find your nearest recycling bank

What if I accidentally post my keys or wallet into the bank?!

Please telephone the number on the bank and arrange a mutually convenient time for them to open it. Please do not attempt to climb or reach into the bank.

What happens to the donated clothes?

The donated clothing, shoes, handbags and textiles are collected by our recycling partners and wearable clothing is re-used, usually sold in under-developed countries. Any textiles that are un-wearable are recycled into such items as industrial wipers and car upholstery and also re-used in the production of many other items. The income generated for The Friends of Water Search and rescue Team Charity from textile recycling helps fund the equipment and training for the volunteers of the Water Search and Rescue Team.

How do we get a textile bank on a community site?

We work with all of our UK community identified locations to identify and agree that the location is safe and suitable to have a textile bank sited. A risk assessment is carried out and a textile bank is only placed once approval from all parties has been established. Sometimes it is not possible to place a textile bank, but in these cases every effort is made to identify alternative locations where possible. For further information please contact us via the button below.

If you would like to be a collection point please email


Textile Recycling Bank Dimensions (Approx)
1500mm (5ft)
1115mm (3ft 9")
1940mm (6ft 3")
1460mm (4ft 91/2")
1220mm (4ft)
935mm (3ft 1")


We also have a toolkit of posters and images that you can use to promote your textile bank in your community and online.

Textile Recycling Toolkit