Fund raising ideas

Raising money for FoWSART

Whether you are looking to host a solo fundraiser or a large-scale event. We’ve got you covered.
Here are some great ideas to consider
We know fundraising isn’t easy. When looking to organise a fundraising event it’s important to remember there is a lot of things to consider.

Some things to consider
Your budget
Time commitment
How much you’d like to raise
    Here at FoWSART whatever the type of event, we want to help.

    Here we have outlined some fun and easy fundraising
    ways to help support a vital cause.

    Take your fundraising to the next level with:

    1000KM Walk

    How It Raises Money: Sponsorships
    Cost: * | Difficulty: * |  Outcome: ***
    Team members pledge to walk 10,000 steps a day over a certain time frame (often a week or month) in exchange for sponsorships.
    You can also purchase pedometers online (in bulk) and have participants track their own metrics. To keep costs down, there are plenty of apps that count steps. Consider directing your participants to free pedometer apps.

    Pool party

    How It Raises Money: Entry fee
    Cost: * | Difficulty: * | Outcome: * 
    It’s summertime and it’s sweltering. What can you do to cool people off and raise money at the same time? Host a pool party!
    Connect with your local pool (community/town, neighbourhood association) and get information on prices and availability. Discuss, including the option to bring your own food to sell, lifeguards, insurance, etc. before committing. 


    How It Raises Money: Sponsorships
    Cost: * | Difficulty: ** |  Outcome: **

    Similar to a run, a swim-a-thon is a great fundraiser for schools, swim teams, and youth clubs.
    Partner with a neighbourhood or city pool and recruit swimmers from nearby swim teams (research Swimming and your local centre to find swim team contact information), as well as your current donor base. 

    Crazy bets

    How It Raises Money: Sponsorship
    Cost: * | Difficulty: * | Outcome: ** 
    Are you a supporter willing to go the distance to show your passion for what we do? If so, then consider daring them to perform an outrageous bet for charity. They can camp on the roof of your building or dye their hair a funky colour- as long as it’s outrageous!
    Promote these outrageous bets on social media to maximise your exposure to bring in more sponsorships. 


    How It Raises Money: Sponsorships, In-Kind Donation, General Sale
    Cost: ** | Difficulty: ** | Outcome: *
    Ask staff, supporters, and volunteers to donate gift cards, gifts, and money that will be raffled off.
    Ask local businesses such as restaurants, boutiques, and salons to donate items for the raffle.


    How It Raises Money: Entry fee
    Cost: ** | Difficulty: ** | Outcome: **  
    Are you a supporter willing to jump out of a plane for a worthy cause.
    Coordinate an event with a local skydiving outfit or encourage participants to fundraise and skydive on their own. Either way, they’ll be people jumping out of a plan because of your nonprofit or charity- and that’s something to celebrate.

    Seasonal events

    Easter egg hunt

    How It Raises Money: Entry fee
    Cost: * | Difficulty: * | Outcome: *
    Prep children in your community for a visit from the
    Easter bunny with a fun Easter Egg Hunt.
    To cut down on time filling those plastic eggs, buy them in bulk online.


    How It Raises Money: Entry fee
    Cost: * | Difficulty: * | Outcome: * 
    Kids love Santa, and their parents love supporting worthwhile organisations. That’s why a visit from Santa is a win-win for your nonprofit or charity and the community. 
    Schedules get very hectic around the holidays. To ensure a good showing, plan your day with Santa at the very beginning of December. Don’t forget to have an amateur photographer on-hand to capture all those happy faces.