Volunteer to collect

Could you volunteer two hours in your local community to collect vital funds for our charity to help fund our worth cause?

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering just two hours of your time will help to raise the money needed for our cause and help save lives across the country.
What’s more, collecting is lots of fun, you can do it on your own or with friends or a Family. There’s never a best time to support this worthy cause and we'll support you from the moment you sign up.

Everything you need to know about collection

How do I get ready for my collection?
Once you've signed up to collect, we'll send you a handy pocket guide to inform you all about collecting with us. We'll either send it by email or in the post ensuring you have it on hand to get started right away.

Will I be collecting by myself?
We try and encourage as many people as possible to collect, so we hope you won’t be collecting alone. However, there's a chance you might be. If you’d prefer not to be by yourself, why not ask a friend or family member to sign up so you can collect together?

Can I gain interest by shouting and shaking the bucket?
You can certainly talk about the collection and what FoWSART does for communities but please do not shout, or shake your bucket or tin. You’ll get a feel for how individual people like to be approached. Shaking a bucket and shouting is a bit intimidating.

Can I bring my child?
Children aren't allowed to collect any actual money (the legal age for collecting is 16), but they are welcome to come along and keep you company.