Fundraising Volunteers can be found helping with Social Media, Events, Helping collect Milk tops and clothing to spreading the word about Water Search and Rescue.

Water Search and Rescue Team plays a vital role in supporting the communities with in the United Kingdom when it comes to flooding and water rescue. Both WSART and the FOWSART do not receive any funding from public sector and relies on the kind donations of the community.


The number of fundraising Volunteers continues to grow each day with such a great community to be part of. FoWSART believes in enjoying the time you spend fundraising and ensures that every minutes you spend with us is memorable. FoWSART continues to organise charity events and raise money within the community. To find out what is happening near you Click Here


With lots of roles to choose from, we at FoWSART are committed to ensure all our volunteers love what they do and have fun whilst doing so. What ever the time you have available we have a role just for you.


Our most popular role

Collection box volunteer

With this role you will be in charge of leasing with local shops, pub to look after a collection of charity pots in your desired location. Volunteers return regularly to replace full boxes before counting and banking the money. The number of charity pots you wish to look after is also your choice.

This role that lets you choose the your own level of commitment you’d like to make. This role also allows you to ensuring that FoWSART is well known locally in your community.

If you’re interested Search all roles today.

Become a FoWSART Ambassador

As an ambassador, you'll go into local communities and talk about FoWSART work and the cause we promote.

Sounds daunting? Don’t worry. We supply all the tools necessary for talks. Ensuring you have lots of information and statistics on hand to help you explain who we are and our worthy cause.

You'll build your own local contacts and arrange you're own talks. So it's a role for someone who is organised and enthusiastic about FoWSART and who we help . Search all roles


Do you love to chat to people in your local area?

Join your local fundraising group.

Across the UK, small groups of dedicated local people join FoWSART to work together to raise funds for FoWSART. Fundraising groups run their own events, organise collections, have coffee mornings and make a difference in their communities in countless other ways.

It's a great way to meet new people and make new friends. We pride ourselves in having fun while helping a great cause. Find out more about local fundraising groups

View the FAQ Answers for Volunteering

If you can't find the answer you are looking for then please contact the Volunteering team via email friends@fowsart.org.uk. Our team is always on hand to answer questions you may have.






The Water Search and Rescue Team is made up of a number of different types of volunteers, which are as follows;

Response Volunteers
Reserve Volunteers
Support Volunteers
Resilience Volunteers
    Each volunteer group carries out different actions.
    Response Volunteers 
    are the volunteers who are are on call 24/7, 365 days a year.
    Reserve Volunteers 
    are the volunteers we call upon for a major incident such as large scale flooding.
    Support Volunteers
    these volunteers provide the background support to keep the team functioning, from volunteering in the command center to getting vehicles ready to go out, to administration duties.
    Resilience Volunteers
    these are the volunteers we have with other organisations and business, that help provide services or man power in times of need.
    We also run a Cadet Response Program, where we train cadets up ready to become response volunteers.