Donate Now

Please use this link to make a donation We use GOV PAY as our chosen payment platform as it helps reduce our operating costs.

Equipment Purchasing Booklet

We are often asked how can we help support the friends, can we purchase some equipment for you.

Click the link to view the purchasing booklet page  to help you support the work of the team.

Donate Milk Bottle Tops

The recycling firm weighs the incoming tops and for a given weight makes a donation to the Friends of Water Search and Rescue Team charity

Recycle Your Textiles

Our recycling textile partners manage our recycling initiative across the UK, with the following donations coming straight to the Charity from each of these sites:

  • Textile banks on community sites: £150 per tonne
  • Textile bags for school collections: £100 per tonne
  • Book Banks on community sites : £50 per tonne

Click here to view the Recycle Textiles page

Gift Aid explained

Gift Aid is one of the simplest and most effective ways of giving to charity. It is a scheme administered by the Inland Revenue which allows us to claim 25p for every £1 that you donate. So, for example, if you donate £20 we can claim an extra £5, making your gift worth £25.

You simply need to have paid or will pay an amount of income tax and/or capital gains tax that is at least equal to the tax that Friends of Water Search and Rescue Team and other charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs you donate to will reclaim on your donations in a tax year.

If all our supporters who have not yet done so opted into Gift Aid, we would be able to raise an extra £2.5 million. This would help support 8 resposnse teams to be created.

If you already donate to us and want to check that you are gift aiding your donations then please email

You can find a Gift Aid Form here

Gift Aid on your donated items at our charity shops

You can opt in to a separate Gift Aid scheme when you donate items to our charity shops too. This lets us collect 25% more whenever we sell something that you donated. To help us take advantage of Gift Aid, download the registration form, fill it in and bring it with your donation to your Friends of Water Search and Rescue Team Shop. For more information on donating items to your local shop, visit our Donate to our shops page.